idit matan
Idit Matan


Welcome to my gallery.
I am Idit, a mix media artist.
The shop is a representative gallery of my artworks.
My art is about moments in life, childhood memories, people, landscapes and smiles. The characters I draw are innocent, joyful and illustrated by minimalist and clean lines.
My paintings are very colorful and energetic. I use many layers and textures of acrylic, pastel, pencils, ink and even industrial paints.
A combination of colors, shapes, figures and lines in several styles create a distinct flair and become a finger print of my work.

My career started with graphic design studies in Israel and illustration studies at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York, where I illustrated to various magazines.

On my site you can see original works in metal, reused wood artwork and acrylic paintings on canvas and on wood blocks.

My clients include interior designers and home stylists as well as private art enthusiasts.
If you would like to know more or buy from my artworks, I invite you to contact me by phone or email.

For inquiries on purchasing an artwork, contact me at
+972 54 – 6644768
[email protected]

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